Hafiz Sajid Iqbal Sheikh
Completion Of Ph.D. Of Dr.Hafiz Sajid Iqbal

On 30th June 2020, Dr. Hafiz Sajid Iqbal Sheikh successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation. His research title was “Critical Analysis of Political Islam: Trajectories, Resistance and Discourses

In it, he discussed the terminology of “political Islam” from the Orientalist and Western perspectives to the response of Muslim scholars to it, from the ideas of the political power of Islam in the contemporary Muslim world to the prospects of its peaceful implementation. From the corrective aspects of Muslim movements to their popularity in contemporary political poetry, it has been described in a highly reasoned and researched manner. Two things are noteworthy about his thesis. First: His research questions were decided by Dr. Hassan Sohaib Murad Shaheed himself, second: Hafiz Sahib revived the Muslim world and its politics, A character program called “CMP” Conscious Mus

I’m Politics (CMP) has been introduced which is the result of his research.

A complete outline of how the Muslim world could play a significant role in world politics was also suggested. In addition to the highly praised words of four international examiners, national-level examiners also described Hafiz’s research efforts as a valuable addition to Islamic politics.

The dissertation, which was completed under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tahir Mustafa, was declared immediately publishable by the examiners and the Registrar’s Office. Students of Muslim movements and politics should definitely seek guidance from Dr. Hafiz Sajid Iqbal Sheikh. The Chairperson of the Department of Islamic Thought and Civilization, Prof. Dr. Tahira Basharat Sahiba is also commendable under whose patronage UMT produced another capable doctor.

Dr. Muhammad Tahir Mustafa Ph.D. was Supervisor, Yousaf Jameel Controller Examination UMT, Dr. Sameea Dean Research UMT and  Other faculty members were present.

Professor Hafiz Sajid Iqbal Visit at Lahore Rang News Channel

Professor Hafiz Sajid Iqbal was welcomed to Ramadan Sehar Transmission of Lahore Rang News Channel alongside Allama Syed Habib-Ullah Shah Bukhari and Prof. Dr Nasir. He examined the subject of the essence Of Piety and momentarily clarified it in the light of the Quran and Hadees. The team of Lahore Rang was extremely appreciative to Prof.Hafiz Sajid Iqbal for his appearance. He additionally said thanks to the host Syed Usama Bukhari for welcoming him as a guest in Ramadan transmission.


Prof.Hafiz Sajid Iqbal Visit At Pakistan Television Head Office

Professor Hafiz Sajid Iqbal was invited to Ramzan Sehri Transmission of Pakistan Television (PTV) Lahore Office along with Professor Sami-Ullah Faraz. He discussed on the topic of Morality and briefly explained it in the light of the Quran and Hadees. PTV was very thankful to Prof.Hafiz Sajid Iqbal for his appearance. He also thanked the PTV Team for inviting him as a guest in Ramadan.

Japan Visit

Japan Islamic Trust invited Mr. Sajid Iqbal Sheikh to 2days International Quran conference held on 30-31 December 2018 at Jamia Imam bin Muhammad University Tokyo Campus. Mr. Sajid Iqbal Sheikh also addressed the annual conference of the Islamic circle of Japan at Oyama. He also delivered Quran lectures to different gatherings in Japan. He also visited Tokyo University and met distinguished professors.